Loraine and the Illusion of Illoura

2010 - 2012

Diary excerpt, Eyre Highway:
There are many things to see. Some seem like stage-sets from a distant era, others stand out in their nonchalant triviality, ready to be seen only by eyes that dare to find significance in things unspectacular and forgotten. There is much to be heard – the trees swooshing by us in a rush, the deepness of silence, the land breathing heavy under the heat. Our thoughts, as wide as the scene unfolding before us, are riper in stillness. In the hungry search for lasting memories and beauty, the question begs: how do we classify one thing above the other, subscribe to it more meaning?

Diary excerpt, Venus Bay:
And in the early hours of the morning, as if woken by a collective alarm clock, all men on holiday rise at once, they stretch their arms to the sun, inhaling lungfuls of reborn air. They glance at the sea expanding before them, and then, as if they were one and the same man, they tend to their rods, gently, filled with an almost youthful anticipation of the catch that lies ahead. They exchange fishing news. The sea, of course, will give them fish.

Australia is a vast and expansive land, yet it counts amongst the most urbanized countries in the world, and rural towns have long faced population decline.
National economic shifts and their resulting stagnancy, farm adjustment processes and the effects of droughts have all contributed to a steady decay in the local, particularly in the wheat belt. During the summer months, when harvest is done, those remaining flock to the ocean for relief from the heat, leaving behind ghost towns scattered along the country's main highways. "Loraine..." documents regional and remote Australia in a globalised 21st Century, all the while journeying into our complex relationship with the land.

Land Sale on Eyre Highway
Fowlers Bay Horse
Campsite, Coorong National Park
Dry Creek Waste near Globe Derby Drive
Grain Silo, Loch
Pool, Whyalla Foreshore Motel
Loraine and the Illusion of Illoura, South Kilkerran
Camp Detail #1, Fowlers Bay
Port Augusta Bathers
Iron Knob Scene #2
Boy #2, Port Augusta Jetty
Runner, Green Lake Recreational Area
Whyalla Pellet Plant
Dead Fox near Birdseye Highway
Abandoned House, Fowlers Bay
Judy, Lochiel Wayside Stop
Plastic Rose, Fowlers Bay
Meningie Horses
Dead Bird, Grampians Road
Port Victoria Main Street
Jessica, Scarsdale
Jessica's Dream #2
Early Morning Venus Bay